Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2018, Page: 13-22
Handling and Stability Analysis of Vehicle Plane Motion
Verbitskii Vladimir Grigorievich, Department of Computerized System Software, Faculty of Power Engineering, Electronics and Information Technologies, Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy, Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Bezverhyi Anatoliy Igorevich, Department of Computerized System Software, Faculty of Power Engineering, Electronics and Information Technologies, Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy, Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Tatievskyi Dmitry Nikolayevich, Department of Computerized System Software, Faculty of Power Engineering, Electronics and Information Technologies, Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy, Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Received: Jan. 19, 2018;       Accepted: Feb. 2, 2018;       Published: Feb. 23, 2018
DOI: 10.11648/j.mcs.20180301.13      View  2950      Downloads  154
The work analyzes the properties of handling and bicycle vehicle model motion stationary states manifold stability taking into account drift force nonlinear characteristics. Determining single two-axle vehicle nonlinear model stationary states and analyzing their stability were based on a graphical method (Y. M. Pevzner, H. Pacejka). It has its disadvantages: the absence of evident analytical stability criteria for the entire wheeled vehicle circular stationary states manifold. And also the absence of global stability threshold characteristics in the controlled parameter space. The task part suggests developing methods for building bifurcation manifold or critical parameters manifold (longitudinal velocity and wheel turning angle) with which the divergent loss of stability occurs. Known H. Troger, K. Zeman and Fabio Della Rossaa, GiampieroMastinub, Carlo Piccardia results are based on parameter continuation numerical methods which makes the quality analysis of drift force nonlinear characteristics impact on the entire stationary states manifold stability conditions more difficult. A compelling grapho-analytic approach towards bifurcation manifold building and getting circular stationary states analytical stability conditions based on moving from nonlinear drift forces on axles dependencies to their inverse dependence is developed in the suggested work. This methodology allows defining dangerous/safe stability threshold conditions in the control parameters space.
Non-linear Bicycle Model, Stationary States Manifold, Vehicle Handling, Divergent Stability Loss, Parameters Bifurcation Set
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